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Dear future client,

First off, I want to tell you how truly humbling it is that you are considering letting us into one of the most emotional days of your new lives together. I know everyone says that, but we REALLY mean it. You are investing in us, and you should expect to be invested in, in return. We want you to get to know us so that we can start to get to know you. So let's cover a few things about us, so you can decide for yourself if our vibe matches yours.

We are a hybrid photography team. You've probably heard this term already in your search (but if you haven't, I'm about to explain it). What this means is that we shoot both film and digital photography. Throughout the wedding day, I will shoot as much film as I can, supplementing with digital in those tricky situations where the film doesn't perform best. Jaron will be at my side, shooting digital, getting a fresh perspective, and also digital backups of my photos, just in case something happens to the hard film. Why do we even bother with film, you ask? Because it's probably the reason you were drawn to our work in the first place. The depth of the colors achieved by film are so inherently rich and beautiful, and they are just unparalleled by digital, in our opinion. So I shoot film wherever I can, and then to stay responsible, we shoot digital to fill in the gaps!

We are very involved in the prep of your wedding day. Because we care about you on a personal level, we want to make sure that your wedding day experience is as magical as you've always dreamed! From the moment you book us, we will friend you on Facebook and add you to our Support Group (see below). Throughout the process, we will check in with you and offer valuable resources along the way. We do, after all, attend many weddings per year, so if you give us the opportunity to help make your day just a little bit easier, we are SO excited to help! One example of this is that we work closely with you to create a photo timeline for your day, and we stick to it. So when the day comes, you won't be stressed about getting those important pictures, because we will already be prepared!

We are very transparent. We hate beating around the bush. If there is something that needs to be said or done, we will say or do it. We are indeed an open book. We are more than happy to talk about the weird, awkward, and challenging things because if we don't, all that does is cause more issues down the line. So come at us with those budget questions, don't hold back on your concerns or worries about your wedding day (or anything for that matter). We will be 100% up front and honest with you. What you see is what you get, so if you're reading this and jiving with what I'm telling you, guess what? We will be friends, and we will give you photos from your wedding day that make you feel something.

We love sushi! Random, and not crucial, but you should know we're obsessed! Salmon and horse mackerel for the win. If you don't like sushi, that's totes cool, we won't sushi shame you, but if you DO, hit us up, and let us show you our favorite sushi joint! We're always happy to oblige! 

All this to say, we care about you, and we care about the way you feel about your wedding day experience when you're looking back 70 years from now. We love, love. Cheesy, but true. We are so excited to celebrate the love of so many couples each year, and we really hope to celebrate yours!

Hannah (and Jaron also agrees!)


It's important to us that we get to know you on a more personal level, to make sure we can be the photography team that will truly deliver for you.

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Andrea & Phillip

Hannah and Jaron are just amazing! Not only are they an extremely talented team of photographers, they were also just so much fun to work with! My husband and I knew right from the beginning that we did not want to compromise on photographers for our big day, and Hannah and Jaron did not disappoint!! We felt so comfortable letting them work their magic. Working with the two of them was like working with friends! I am still just so amazed at the pictures, they look like an absolute dream. I would recommend anyone to Hannah and Jaron. Remarkable work and just overall wonderful experience!

Kymi & Michael

Working with Hannah & Jaron was like a breath of fresh air. It was not difficult falling in love with Hannah the first time we met. She was very easy to work with, knew and understood the look I wanted for my wedding photos. On our wedding day, she and her husband Jaron made us comfortable during the wedding, my husband was not so good in front of the camera, but they definitely helped bring out the best in us as we had our photography session. We enjoyed every moment working with them, they never ran out of smiles and were very approachable. Our photos were amazing, the album was my husband’s favorite take away on our wedding and we just love them and their work. We can’t wait to have our post-nup session with them this coming month! They were affordable, competent, talented photographers and we definitely recommend them.

Nicole & Joey

My husband and I were so incredibly lucky to have Hannah & Jaron as our photographers. We were all in Ireland at the same time and had them there to photograph our elopement. They were the sweetest most down to Earth couple, and it felt as though we had known them forever. They had wonderful ideas for our photos & even ventured to another location to get some shots. Our photos are nothing short of amazing. They captured the very essence of our wedding day perfectly, and we now have the most amazing wedding album that we will cherish forever. I highly recommend them. Thank you both so much!

Kierna & Chris

Hiring Hannah and Jaron was the best wedding decision we made. They are absolutely incredible. Not only are they consistent and artistic photographers that produce stunning photos, but they are a joy to spend time with and will go above and beyond to create a magical and truly unique experience just for you. Hannah went out of her way to make sure she was able to accommodate our budget needs and still give us all the things that were important to us, while also producing the best photos we'd seen! We are blown away. We can call Hannah and Jaron our friends as well as our photographers and we hope to keep in touch with them for many years to come! We hope lots of future couples can be as lucky as we are in finding them.

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