How do we describe our approach?


Pricing Information

It's important to us that we document your wedding day as if we were photographing our own. Always anticipating, and fully immersed.


Typical pricing begins at $4,300 for both Hannah & Jaron as your photographers


Send us a little love note, and we will get in touch within an hour to figure out how to get you everything you need!

What’s the deal with Idaho & Alaska?

We have a house in Phoenix, but we used to live in Caldwell, ID where a lot of our family still is, and we love to visit them as often as possible! Along with the long summer day weddings, it’s a no-brainer for us. Similarly in Alaska, Jaron’s long-time bestie lives up there, and with flights from Phoenix to Anchorage being hella cheap, we try to visit them every chance we get. Plus, Alaska itself is amazing, so can you blame us?!

Do you travel outside AZ, AK, & ID for weddings? What about plain ol’ regular sessions?

Yesssssss! And we LOVE IT! We’ve been shooting out of state for years, so we’ve gotten a system down to make sure we have all our ducks in a row for each travel job. For instance, we will ALWAYS book our flight for at least 2 days prior, because we know how unreliable airlines can be. To date, we’ve photographed in California, Virginia, Massachusetts, Idaho, Alaska, France, Ireland, Sweden, Spain, Romania, and more. So you can trust us when we say we are quite experienced in the art of traveling with 70 lbs of camera gear! If you’re looking to have us photograph you outside AZ, ID, or AK, send us a note so we can get you a custom quote!

We are so awkward!! Will you help us?

YES OF COURSE. We hear this from almost every single couple we photograph, but the funny thing is, those couples tend to open up the most by the end! Everyone feels awkward when they’re not used to getting their photo taken, us included!! We have lots of tricks up our sleeves to make you focus on each other, rather than the camera, helping your best selves shine through.

Will you help us pick our outfits and location for our engagement session?

Absolutely, yes. We have a very detailed engagement style guide that we send out to every couple before their engagement session. It covers dressing tips, coordinating outfits, and everything you can expect day-of with a checklist to be sure you’re prepared. Then, if you still need help picking the perfect spot, just let us know your vibe, and we will suggest 3-4 locations we love for you to choose from.

What if something happens to you guys and you can’t show up to our wedding?

We are very tight knit with photography communities all over the world, and have a list of photographers in each area we frequent that have similar styles to us in their shooting, and client interaction that we can reach out to at any time to cover for us. And if, heaven forbid, this is necessary, we will ALWAYS make it up to you somehow in an extra special way.

When you say film, do you mean like old school, wind up film? What’s the benefit of using it?

Yup, that’s exactly what we mean. Our film gear is pretty high tech, so you don’t have to worry about us having to hand crank each frame, but there is still that tangible feel that adds so much excitement and anticipation to the process! The reason we started incorporating film into our process is because of its inherent ability to portray dreamy, realistic skin tones, retain detail in the brightest of highlights, and render colors in such a way that can be very difficult to achieve with digital. Most of the work you see in our galleries and IG feed are film, if that helps!

What happens if something happens to the film from our wedding?

Nothing! Wanna know why? Because we are (borderline obsessively) responsible when it comes to your photos. We do everything we can to make sure that every frame is safely backed up from capture until final delivery. While Hannah is shooting film, Jaron is close by grabbing digital photos of the same things to back everything up (in addition to his own stunners from a new perspective). Hannah always wears 2 cameras to grab those important digital backups when Jaron is elsewhere. We know there can be some risk when it comes to film, but you can relax knowing that we will always take care of your precious moments.

How do you deliver the photos once they’re finished? Do you offer albums?

You will have your very own online gallery dedicated to your photos, separated by folders to make for easy viewing. They’re all free to download, and we encourage you to share the gallery with your loved ones so they can enjoy and reminisce with you! And if you want to bring them into the real world (which we highly recommend), our albums start at $900. Just ask when you inquire, and we will send over all the album info.

How long until we get our photos back?

The official answer is within 8 weeks of your wedding. That being said, our workload fluctuates, meaning there is always the potential of getting that happy email much sooner than you expect! But if 8 weeks seems like a long time, don’t worry, we trickle in photos the whole time leading up to your final gallery. Within a week of your wedding, you’ll get a sneak peek of 10-20 highlights from your day. Then once your film comes back, about 2-3 weeks in, we will edit around 100-150 photos and send those to you to fawn over while Hannah lovingly hand-edits the rest of your gallery for you.

How many photos can we expect?

It all really depends on the day. As a general rule, you can expect 50-100 photos per hour. But we don’t cap the file count, so once we weed out all the duplicate photos and weird test shots where nobody looks good (trust us, you don’t want to see those lol), that’s how many you get!

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