Our Story

We are Hannah and Jaron, and we haven’t always been photographers. We met while Hannah was still in high school, with Jaron fresh out, on the night of her Senior Homecoming dance. Meeting online was just becoming a thing, and that’s actually how we met, too! We had this big elaborate plan for our first actual date. First, Hannah would go to the dance to get her friend in, and then Jaron would swing by shortly after to pick her up, whisk her away from the dance she didn’t really want to attend in the first place, and go on a super romantic first date to the movies (because that’s what teenager dates consisted of)! Well, like every great plan, this one didn’t happen the way we expected. Jaron was coming to a part of town he had never been from about 30 miles away, and being a time before smartphones were really a thing, he was just working with a potato phone without navigation (and a car without a phone charger, apparently). He got lost on the way up, and then, of course, his phone died before he could get directions. Cue Hannah’s tears. She really liked this boy, and she thought he was standing her up! So she sat alone at a table in the corner of the courtyard, literally crying. It was embarrassing. Finally, her friends convinced her to go out and have a good time anyway, and just as she started to get into the dancing spirit, HE CALLED!! Praise Jesus, he somehow made it to the mall, which was a 3 mile straight shot from the high school, and he was able to charge his phone with a random charger he found in his trunk. So she gave him straightforward directions to the school, and he called her when he got there. After that, the date went swimmingly, and the rest is history.

We love telling our story because it just goes to show that most (if not all) love stories aren’t perfect. They’re probably actually pretty far from it. But that’s what makes them so magical! The little quirks, the trials, and the mutual successes…those are the best parts of being in a relationship, and THAT is the story that we want to tell with our imagery. Yes, we will still get you the incredible, heart-eyes-for-days shots of you and your honey together that will make you feel like pro models, but we will also photograph the unplanned, the imperfect, and the raw. Because that’s real life, and that’s your love story.

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