Dear Future Client,

First off, I want to tell you how truly humbling it is that you are considering letting us into one of the most emotional days of your new lives together. I know everyone says that, but we REALLY mean it. You are investing in us, and you should expect to be invested in, in return. We want you to get to know us so that we can start to get to know you. Let’s cover a few things about us, so you can decide for yourself if our vibe matches yours.

We are a hybrid photography team. What this means is that we shoot both film and digital photography. Throughout the wedding day, I shoot as much film as I can, supplementing with digital to ensure we don’t miss a thing. Jaron will be at my side, also shooting digital, getting a fresh perspective. We love to use both as film achieves a depth of color so inherently rich and beautiful, and digital allows us to capture your entire story.

We are very involved in the prep of your wedding day. Because we care about you on a personal level, we want to make sure your experience is as magical as you've always dreamed! Throughout the planning process, we will check in with you and offer valuable resources along the way. We do, after all, attend many weddings, so if you give us the opportunity to help make things just a little bit easier, we are SO excited to help! We work closely with you to create a photo timeline, and we stick to it. So when the day comes, you won't be stressed about getting those important pictures, because we will already be prepared!

We are very transparent. We hate beating around the bush and we are indeed an open book. So come at us with those budget questions, don't hold back on your concerns or worries about your wedding day (or anything for that matter). We will be 100% up front and honest with you. 

We love sushi! Random, and not crucial, but you should know we're obsessed! Salmon and horse mackerel for the win. If you don't like sushi, that's cool, we won't sushi shame you. But if you DO, hit us up, and let us show you our favorite joint! 

Bottom line? We care about you, and we care about the way you feel about your wedding day experience when you're looking back 70 years from now. We are so excited to celebrate the love of so many couples each year, and we really hope to celebrate yours!

Let’s have a ball,
Hannah and Jaron 

You Inquire

Yaaaasssss! You took the first step (we would do it if we could), and you can bank on getting a legit response within an hour. Meaning no automated response, and no boring template email. The only time we won't respond quickly is if we are on the job, sleeping, or just plain ol' don't have service.

You tell us the good news

At this point, we've jived, and you're ready to book. #yay!! We'll send you the contract to sign, an invoice for $1,000 (regardless of the collection you chose), and then we add you to our Facebook Support Group to keep the fun going!!

We welcome you

Once we're official, you'll get an email with next steps, and a welcome gift in the mail. But it's a fun surprise, so I'll let you find out!

We schedule your engagement sesh

We like engagement sessions, they're super fun and our favorite way to get to know you. To make sure they go well, we will send you a guide to how to dress, what to expect, and how to prepare. You're gonna kill it, babe.

We tie up pre-wedding loose-ends

Time to answer some questions. You'll get a questionnaire a few months before your wedding, so you can tell us about your day, and we can make you a photo timeline to make sure you get all those epic shots on your wedding day!

We photograph the heck outta your day

It's time to do your thang. You go be you, live your day to the fullest, and rest assured that we are gonna be where we need to be, and capture the day in its truest fashion. And don't worry, we will have snacks for when you realize you forgot to eat.

Your photos trickle in

Since we shoot film, we have to wait for your photos too #sadface. But we also shoot digital, so to tide you (and us) over until that film comes in, you'll get a sneak peek of 10-15 photos within a few days of your wedding! Then, once your film comes in (2-3 weeks later), we'll get a better preview for you to show your fam & friends, with your full gallery landing in your inbox no more than 8 weeks after your wedding day. But let's be honest, it's likely to be way sooner.

You get some happy mail

Once we've worked together to make your album, and everything is packed and ready for its forever home, we will deliver it to you wrapped with love, and with another special gift. Can you tell what our love language is?

You have your awesome wedding photos forever

Your gallery will be up to share with the world, and will be there forever. Or at least until the internet dies.

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